Uronarti Related Resources

See Uronarti on the National Geographic show Drain the Oceans: Egypt’s Lost Wonders (see trailer)!

“Forgotten Fortress: Returning to Uronarti.” Near Eastern Archaeology, by Laurel Bestock 2017. 

Living beyond the Walls: New Evidence for Egyptian Colonialism at Uronarti, Nubia” by Laurel Bestock and Christian Knoblauch, in Antiquity, Project Gallery, April 2015.

Revisiting Middle Kingdom Interactions in Nubia: The Uronarti Regional Archaeological Project” by Laurel Bestock and Christian Knoblauch, in Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections, Vol 6, No 4, December 2014.

Ancient Egypt in Contemporary Africa: New Excavations at the Island Fortress of Uronarti“: Lecture given by Laurel Bestock (Brown University) on March 19, 2018, at the Harvard Semitic Museum

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