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Brown Bag Talks for Fall 2022

Brown Bag talks are held Thursdays from 12:00-12:50pm in RI Hall 108.
These talks are free and open to the public. Information about each talk will be provided below.

Brown paper bag with the JIAAW logo

October 13, 2022:
Daniel Everton (Public Humanities, Brown University)
Re-imagining the Predynastic Man Exhibit at Museo Egizio

October 20, 2022:
Amanda Gaggioli (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Decolonialism and Mediterranean Archaeology: the case for the Aegean prehistory/history divide

November 3, 2022:
John F. Cherry & Liza Davis (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Archaeology in the Potter’s Field at Providence’s North Burial Ground

November 17, 2022:
Christina Hodge (Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University)
Desanitizing Provenance: Critical Documentation in Museum Collections

December 1, 2022
Breton Langendorfer (History of Art and Architecture, Brown University)
Achaemenid Syntax: Architecture, Metalware, and Modularity

Brown Bag talks for Spring 2022

Brown Bag talks are held Thursdays from 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM
These hybrid talks are free and open to the public via Zoom. Links and information about attending each talk will be provided below.

February 24:
Nour Munawar | Competing Narratives: Destruction, Reconstruction and Representation of Heritage in Syria (JIAAW, Brown University)
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/99396452825 | Meeting ID: 99396452825

March 3:
Christopher Ball | Diverse Strategies: Human-Environmental Relationships and Agricultural Origins in Southern Ontario’s Grand River Valley.
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/94764295590 | Meeting ID: 94764295590

March 24:
Sarah Bell | Chosen Glories vs. Chosen Traumas: Interpreting Post-Abandonment Visitation to LM IIIC Refuge Settlements on Crete through the lens of Social Trauma Theory (JIAAW, Brown University)
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/91372686702 | Meeting ID: 91372686702

April 7:
Max Peers | Architecture and the Formation of Urban Communities in the Roman Central Mediterranean (JIAAW, Brown University)
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/95801008050 | Meeting ID: 95801008050

April 28:
Rebecca Marisseau | New Bedford’s Whaling Waterfront: Recovering Historic Places and Viewsheds through a Mobile Walking Tour (JIAAW Interdisciplinary Opportunity)
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/94426289496 | Meeting ID: 94426289496

May 5:
Nadhira Hill | Kraters in Context: Expanding Our Understanding of Group Drinking in Classical Greece. (University of Michigan)
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/92451878473 | Meeting ID: 92451878473

May 12:
Kristen Marchetti & Erynn Bentley | Out of the Vault: Lessons and Experiences from the View the Vault Project.
Join via Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/92999513911 | Meeting ID: 92999513911