German Workshop

If you have always wanted to know more about nested sentences, complex metaphors, hidden meaning or just why the hell these Germans need to write everything in Bandwurmsätzen, this workshop will be exactly what you need. We will read short texts related to archaeology, articles from journals such as Antike Welt, short book reviews or excerpts from books with a more theoretical focus. In order to make the best out of our time, you should prepare those texts in advance. We will focus on vocabulary specifically related to our discipline, recurring grammatical issues and strategies to cope with an awful long German text. Exercises, short videos and interactive games will hopefully make it a little bit more fun!


Schedule fall semester 2015 (Fridays 1-3pm, Common Room)

October 2nd

Vocabulary related to archaeology: compound nouns

Compound nouns in Archaeology exercise

Compound nouns with connector exercise

Compound nouns with three parts and working both ways exercises

Compound nouns in Archaeology results


October 16th

Clause and sentence structure: subject, verb, objects, qualifiers, prepositions, subordinate clauses

Clause and sentence structure exercise


October 30th

Verbs: modal verbs, verbs with preposition, compound verbs

Verb exercises


November 13th

Syntax: Word order

Word order exercises


December 4th

Special topic: kurgans


Schedule spring semester 2016 (Fridays 3-5pm, Common Room)

February 12th

Technical vocabulary: Rohstoffe und ihre Verarbeitung


March 4th

Technical vocabulary: Ausgrabung und Restaurierung (verb+suffix > noun)


March 18th



May 6th

Technical vocabulary: Zerstörung von Kulturgut


These themes will be explored based on a specific reading that will be prepared in advance and through online exercises during our workshop. Videos explaining a specific topic or cultural peculiarity will provide more background.



Grammar (in German)




Fun stuff