Image by Linda Gosner
Image by Linda Gosner


Friday, February 28

4:00 pm:          Poster Session

5:30 pm:         Keynote Session:
Alfredo González-Ruibal

Susan E. Alcock

Linda Gosner and Alexander Smith

Alfredo González-Ruibal
Keynote Lecture

7:00 pm:        Reception

Saturday, March 1

9:00 am:        Session I:
Recent Developments and Key Issues in Prehistoric through Islamic Archaeology in Iberia

9:00 am:              Katina Lillios
(Prehistoric Archaeology)

9:20 am:              Carlos Gómez Bellard
(Phoenician and Punic Archaeology)

9:40 am:              Alicia Jiménez
(Roman Archaeology)

10:00 am:            Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros
(Late Antique Archaeology)

10:20 am:            Sonia Gutierrez Lloret
(Islamic Archaeology)

10:40 am:       Coffee

11:00 am:      Group Discussion

12:00 pm:      Lunch

2:00 pm:        Session II:
Theory, Method, and Practice in the Archaeology of Iberia

2:00 pm:             Michael Dietler
(Theoretical Approaches to Iberian Archaeology)

2:20 pm:             Jonathan Edmondson
(History and Archaeology)

2:40 pm:             Thomas Schattner
(Foreign Schools in Iberia)

3:00 pm:             Amalia Pérez-Juez
(Cultural Heritage Practices in Iberia)

3:20 pm:             Marcos Llobera
(GIS and Digital Advances in Iberian Archaeology)

 3:40 pm:        Coffee

4:00 pm:         Group Discussion

5:00 pm:         Final Address

Margarita Díaz-Andreu

6:00 pm:        Questions and Discussion