Worlds Divided – Schedule

September 22nd (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Linda Gosner

October 6th (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Müge Durusu, Catie Steidl

October 20th (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Andy Dufton, Willis Monroe

November 3rd (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Linda Gosner, Müge Durusu

November 17th (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Alyce de Carteret, Kathryn McBride

December 3rd (TBC)

Visiting participant Lori Khatchadourian (Milstein Sesquicentennial Fellow, Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University).

Dr. Lori Khatchadourian’s research interests focus on bringing the archaeology and the past of Iran, the Caucasus, and wider Eurasia into the broader conversation on imperialism that has long linked the humanities and social sciences. The wider applicability of her work includes the relationship between imperialism and the vast world of material things.

February 22nd (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenter: Linda Gosner

March 7th (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenter: Alyce de Carteret

March 22nd (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Andy Dufton, Kathryn McBride

April 4th (1-3pm, Location TBD)

Presenters: SAA paper/presentation workshop

April 18th (1-3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Catie Steidl and Müge Durusu

May 2nd (1–3pm, RI Hall 109)

Presenters: Kathryn McBride and Andy Dufton

2014-15 Workshop Schedule
October 8th

Visiting speaker Stephen Mrozowski (Director, Fiske Center for Archaeological Research, UMass Boston).

Dr. Stephen Mrozowski is the founding director of the Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where he is also Professor of Anthropology. Mrozowski’s research encompasses the growth of complex societies, colonization, and its role in shaping the modern world. His particular research interests include social theory, spatial theory, historical archaeology, environmental archaeology, urban archaeology, industrial archaeology and indigenous archaeologies.

4-5pm:     Workshop with Worlds Divided participants to discuss Dr. Mrozowski’s work The Archaeology of Class in Urban America (RI Hall 109)

530pm:     Public lecture by Dr. Mrozowski, “Vectors of Inequality: Archaeological Perspectives on Inequality, Past, Present, and Future” (RI Hall 108)

October 14th (9-11am, RI Hall 109)

An introduction to writings on inequality across disciplines.


Paynter, R. 1989. “The archaeology of equality and inequality.” Annual Review of Anthropology, 18, pp. 369–399.

Paynter, R. and R. McGuire. 1991. “The archaeology of inequality: material culture, domination, and resistance.” In R. McGuire and R. Paynter (eds.) The Archaeology of Inequality. Cambridge: Blackwell, pp. 1-27.

Stiglitz, J. 2012. The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. (Chapter 3: Markets and Inequality, pp. 52-82)

October 28th (9-11am, RI Hall 109)

Inequality and empire, understanding systems of power on the periphery.

Presenter: Müge Durusu


Glatz, C. 2013. “Negotiating Empire: A Comparative Investigation into the Responses to Hittite Imperialism by the Vassal State of Ugarit and the Kaska of Pontic Anatolia.” In G.E. Areshian (ed.) Empires and Diversity: On the Crossroads of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History. Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, pp. 21-56.

Sanford, V. 2004. “Contesting Displacement in Columbia: Citizenship and State Sovereignty at the Margins.” In V. Das and D. Poole (eds.), Anthropology in the Margins of the State. Santa Fe: School of American Research Press, pp. 253-277

November 11th (9-11am, RI Hall 109)

The impact of mobility and migration on systems of inequality.


Boehm, D. A. 2012. Intimate Migrations: Gender, Family, and Illegality among Transnational Mexicans. New York, NY: New York University Press.

De Léon, J. 2013. “Undocumented Migration, Use Wear, and the Materiality of Habitual Suffering in the Sonoran Desert.” Journal of Material Culture 18(4), pp. 321-345

Wendrich, W. and H. Barnard. 2008. “The Archaeology of Mobility: Definitions and Research Approaches.” In H. Barnard and W. Wendrich (eds.) The Archaeology of Mobility: Old World and New World Nomadism. Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, pp. 1-24.

November 19th

Visiting speaker Deborah Boehm (University of Nevada, Reno).

Dr. Deborah Boehm specializes in (im)migration, transnationalism, globalization, and gender studies. Her research focuses on how gender and family are affected by migration and deportation of cross-border families, through ethnographic fieldwork in a rural community in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí.

4-5:30pm:     Workshop with Worlds Divided participants to discuss Dr. Boehm’s work Intimate Migrations: Gender, Family, and Illegality among Transnational Mexicans (RI Hall 109)

6pm:     Public lecture by Dr. Boehm, “On Disappearing:  Displaceability as Inequality in an Age of Deportation” (RI Hall 108)

December 9th (9-11am, RI Hall 109)

The impact of mobility and migration on systems of inequality.

Presenter: Bryan Moorefield


Smith-Nonini, S.  2011. “The Illegal and the Dead: Are Mexicans Renewable Energy?” Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness 30(5), pp. 454-474

February 5th (10-12, RI Hall 109)

Introductory readings on democracy and race.


Bogues, A. 2010. Empire of Liberty. Lebanon, NH: Dartmouth University Press. (Chapter 2: Race, Historical Trauma, and Democracy).

Mullins, Paul R. 2008. “Excavating America’s Metaphor: Race, Diaspora, and Vindicationist Archaeologies.” Historical Archaeology, 42(2), pp. 104-122.

February 19th (10-12, RI Hall 008)

Race and ethnicity within the academy.

Presenter: Kim Lewis


Roberts, Elizabeth F.S. 2012. Gods Laboratory: Assisted Reproduction in the Andes.  Durham: Duke University Press. (Introduction, Chapter 2: Assisted Whiteness)

March 5th (10-12, RI Hall 008)

Archaeological approaches to colonial encounters.

Presenter: Kathryn McBride


Given, Michael. 2004. The Archaeology of the Colonized. London: Routledge.

March 19th (10-12, RI Hall 109)

Modern-day inheritances of a colonial past

Presenter: Abhilash Mehdi


Chakrabarty, Dipesh. 1992. “Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Who Speaks for “Indian” Pasts?” Representations, 37, pp. 1-26.

Nora, Pierre. 1996. Realms of Memory: Rethinking the French Past (Volume 1 – Conflicts and Divisions). New York: Columbia University Press. (Introduction, pp. 1-20)

April 2nd (10-12, RI Hall 109)

Landscapes of inequality.

Presenter: Samantha Lash


Low, Setha. 2000. On the Plaza: The Politics of Public Space and Culture. Austin: University of Texas Press.

Additional readings to be selected by presenter

April 8th (Time, location TBD)

Visiting workshop participant Dr. Setha Low (City University of New York)

Dr. Setha Low researches the anthropology of space and place, in particular the social production and construction of public spaces as observed at fieldwork in the United States and Latin America. Her expansive interests also include gender studies, the anthropology of the body, and cultural values in historic preservation.

April 30th (10-12, RI Hall 109)

Landscapes of inequality.

Presenter: Andy Dufton

Readings: TBD

May 7th (10-12, RI Hall 109)

Concluding discussions

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