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Month: November 2013

The Return of a “Thing” to Brown

This Tiffany sword has been returned to Brown University, and will be on display at the Annmary Brown Memorial.

Today marks the return of a Brown “thing” to the Brown campus.  In her article, “Brown University Celebrates the Return of Rush Hawkins’ Sword“, Courtney Coelho writes that the Brown Library will welcome back a Civil War-era silver sword that belonged to Rush Hawkins.  The sword was stolen in 1977.


Week 6 – Excavations

 Today was our last day excavating, and it was difficult to motivate ourselves considering it was so cold and, thanks to the Daylight Savings Time shift, sunset had been moved to the middle of our class time. Our phones told us it was only forty degrees Fahrenheit when we started the afternoon, and by the time we left it was probably at freezing—everyone was ready to call it a day. Continue reading