The College Hill team is excited to get started with excavations for the Fall 2014 term. We’ll be digging again on the Quiet Green this year, exposing more of a path uncovered in 2013 and hoping to find further traces of the house of the first presidents of Brown University. Last year our excavations recovered Staffordshire slipware pottery embedded in this path, dating to the mid-18th century and possibly associated with the Presidents House.

Digging for 2014 starts on September 15th, and we’ll be posting every week  from now throughout the term to keep everyone updated with our progress. In the meantime, we’re preparing our tools and getting the fencing ready for our two trenches. We’re also trying to track down the use and history of the iron object shown above, and recovered by Brown facilities during groundworks on the Main Green earlier this year. During the term or during the summer months, College Hill continues to give us traces of the university’s past!