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Author: Sarah F. Sharpe

The Return of a “Thing” to Brown

This Tiffany sword has been returned to Brown University, and will be on display at the Annmary Brown Memorial.

Today marks the return of a Brown “thing” to the Brown campus.  In her article, “Brown University Celebrates the Return of Rush Hawkins’ Sword“, Courtney Coelho writes that the Brown Library will welcome back a Civil War-era silver sword that belonged to Rush Hawkins.  The sword was stolen in 1977.


A New “Thing” for Brown’s Campus

Indomitable - Artist Nick Bibby has created a 10-foot bronze Kodiak bear to be installed on Ittleson Quadrangle Monday morning, Oct. 28.

Artist Nick Bibby has created a 10-foot bronze Kodiak bear installed on Ittleson Quadrangle Monday morning, Oct. 28.

Brown is adding a new “thing” to our campus.  Courtney Coelho’s article, “Brown to install ‘Indomitable’ bear,” shares the installation schedule for this “latest public art incarnation of Brown’s bear mascot”: http://news.brown.edu/pressreleases/2013/10/bear

And Coelho’s follow-up article on the statue’s installation on October 28th gives some background on the choice of artist and location, as well as on the history behind the Brown mascot.  According to the Encyclopedia Brunoniana, Theodore Francis Greene, Class of 1887,  was the primary advocate for adoption of the bear as Brown’s mascot in 1904.  The article quotes a relevant passage from the Encyclopedia about choosing this mascot:

“While it may be somewhat unsociable and uncouth, it is good natured and clean. While courageous and ready to fight, it does not look for trouble for its own sake, nor is it bloodthirsty. It is not one of a herd, but acts independently. It is intelligent and capable of being educated.”

“Indomitable” is 14 feet tall, and according to Coelho, is “reportedly the largest bronze sculpture of a bear ever made in Britain”!