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Excavations are underway!

We’ve already started excavations for the 2014 field season on the Quiet Green. After shooting in our new trenches last week, the fences are up and we started digging on Monday afternoon. Our 2014 students were enjoying the sunny September weather, and made a good start clearing the turf and topsoil. Early finds include lost pennies and lost dorm keys – perhaps if we return them now, we can get the $30 replacement fee back for some poor student?

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Week 3 – Excavations

Our excavation on October 7th reinforced patterns from last excavation day, as Trench 3 continued to produce more numerous finds while Trench 4 provided more variety in contexts. We were also able to begin to use the total station for the first time to measure more exactly our context elevations and points in both trenches. A total station is a piece of equipment that measures coordinates and distances.

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