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Leah Stansky ’14: Statues

This picture is of Circle Dance, a statue consisting of eleven life-sized human figures made out of aluminum turkey roasting pans that are holding hands and dancing in a circle. It is located on the south side of The Walk green space that connects Pembroke campus to the main campus of Brown University. The artist, Tom Friedman, based this sculpture of Henri Matisse’s painting, La Danse.

Blog posts by the students of Claudia Moser’s class ARCH 1764: 25 Things! 250 Years of Brown’s Material Past.

Catherine Teitz ’14: Classical Statues of Brown University

Two classical statues – often misidentified, confused, and abused – have watched over campus life since they were dedicated more than 100 years ago. Marcus Aurelius and Caesar Augustus guard their greens, providing a block for studying students to lean against and an elevated platform to advertise everything from events to holidays. These statues, modeled on Roman originals, were gifts of Moses Brown Ives Goddard, class of 1854. Continue reading