Water-colors by the Hon. Gerald Le Marchant Saumarez

Over the last few years, the Military Collection has been acquiring water-colors and drawings by Gerald Le Marchant Saumarez. This talented artist was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, in June 1859, the son of Colonel John St. Vincent Saumarez, 3rd Baron de Saumarez and Margaret Antoinette Northey. He came from a long line of Guernsey military heroes the most notable being James Saumarez, 1st Baron de Saumarez (1757–1836) who was second in command to Nelson at the Battle of the Nile. Gerald himself enlisted in the 3rd Battalion of the East Kent Regiment as a Lieutenant at the age of 22 in March 1882. Although he had a very short army career of less than 2 years, he was with the Buffs in Egypt in the year he enlisted. He resigned his commission in December 1883. During the First World War, he saw service in France as a Lieutenant although by now he was fairly advanced in years. He died a bachelor in London on 16 June, 1941 aged 81 and was buried in Brompton Cemetery.Camp

Saumarez Greys Patrol Several of his pictures of Egypt and Sudan were painted at least four years after he resigned his commission, and it is possible that he returned to North Africa after he left the army to follow the conflicts in that region. His paintings show both important events in the region in the 1880s such as start of Suakin Berbar Railway and the parade of officers mentioned at the battle of Gemaizah of 1888, as well as everyday events such as loading horses onto ships and patrols. other scenes show troops on maneuvers in the English countryside, scenes in London and other military genre.



Saumarez Loading Horse

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