Storming of Monte Video


Storming of Monte VideoThe Military Collection has recently acquired an aquatint depicting the action at Monte Video, Uruguay in 1807. Entitled Storming of Monte Video, Feby 3rd 1807, it was taken “from a drawing made by an officer on the spot, Lieut. George Robinson, Rl. Marines.” The print was engraved by John Heaviside Clark and Matthew Dubourg and was published and sold in London by Edward Orme of Bond Street on March 25, 1808. In addition to the main image, there is an inset ‘View of Monte Video from the Sea’ after a drawing by Irby, Esqr, and a ‘Plan of the City and March of the Troops.’ It is ‘Dedicated by permission to B. General Sir Samuel Auchmuty and the Officers engaged at that Gallant & ever memorable Attack by Edward Orme’.

The print commemorates the events of February 3, 1807, when British troops under Auchmuty and Admiral Charles Stirling besieged and captured the city. This was the culmination of several days of bombardment which targeted the wall near the large Anglican cathedral. A breach was finally achieved allowing the British to assault the city but under a withering fire from two bastions held by the defenders, and hindered by hides which the defenders had added to the wall to partially fill the breach. This resulted in heavy casualties on the attacking force. Within a month, the city was back in Spanish hands following the surrender of the British garrison.

For further information on the Battle of Montevideo, see the Wikipedia entry.


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