Archers piquiers

Among the manuscripts in the Military Collection is a bound volume entitled Le journal du sergent major de la place conquise sur les ennemis. This was acquired from William H. Schab, a dealer in rare books and prints in New York City in March 1951. The work is signed ‘Sieur de Lamyre’ – probably Gabriel de la Mire, 1632-1685. Part of the text is devoted to the subject of ‘archers-piquiers’ (archers with pikes) combined with musketeers. A large folding plate signed by Noel Cochin (1622-1695), the famous French engraver and landscaper artist shows a formation of archers with musketeers repelling an attack by cavalry and infantry.

Archers Piquiers 17th centuryTwo folding water-colors are also bound in including one showing an archer and a musketeer engaged with a cavalryman which exemplifies the author’s thesis in detail. In this scene the archer supports the musketeer’s attack by discharging arrows; the second picture shows him using a pike against the horseman’s charge, and protects the musketeer who continues to fire.

The author advocates the use of archers with pikes to support the musketry. He points out that 30 arrows can be discharged for 6 musket shots, that more arrows can be carried than charges of powder, that muskets are costly and cannot be used in rain or snow, and that pikes carried by archers can serve as defense against a cavalry charge and provide cover for the musketry to reload. Although the author does not wish to supplant muskets, but only to supplement them by forming mixed battalions, his defense of archery is curious at this late date in the seventeenth century.

[Extract from dealer’s typed note inserted in front cover]

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