Welcome to Religion in the Atlantic World: A Historiographical Appraisal. This project grew out of a graduate seminar at Brown University in the Fall of 2012, titled “Religion and the Early Modern Atlantic World.” The class was intended to put in conversation the various literatures on the Atlantic World, colonial North America, and early modern Europe that often operate in isolation from one another. Each student was responsible for researching the relevant literature on one week’s theme. A presentation to the class was then turned into an essay for this web site. Along the way, we all learned more than we even expected regarding the expanse of the fields involved, the richness of the literature in many cases, and yet, the unavoidable weaknesses and lacunae that exist in the field because of the narrowness of the questions that have been asked. Even as we recognized the difficulty in spanning so many subfields, geographies, and chronologies, we were also increasingly convinced that such connections and cross-readings are immensely helpful and important.

On the right you will find a table of contents for this site. The Introduction lays out our general approach and framing to the various subfields involved. The rest of the essays and annotated bibliographies take on a specific theme through the lens and framing of this project. The lists are representative rather than exhaustive. It is our hope this site can be a resource to others and further a rich conversation already taking place.

Linford D. Fisher
December 2012