End of Year Housekeeping on blogs.brown.edu

We upgraded to 4.4 and updated all themes and plugins that had updates available.

Brown Contributions to WordPress Core:

In hope of having better search in wordpress, we reported a bug that got some traction with the awesome wordpress dev team. We were hoping the patches would make it in the 4.4 release, but in the final moments, it was deferred for a future release.

Configuration Changes:

We raised the max upload size to allow image panoramas.

We added the following themes:

  • Dyad by Automattic
  • Receptar by Webman Design
  • Twenty Twelve by WordPress.org
  • Twenty Thirteen by WordPress.org
  • Twenty Sixteen by WordPress.org

We added the following plugins:

  • Search Everything
  • Add Category to Pages
  • Network Plugin Auditor

We removed the following unused plugins:

  • Custom Facebook Feed by Smash Balloon
  • Thinglink Official Plugin by Thinglink

We removed the following unused themes:

  • DePo Square by Derek Powazek & Noel Jackson
  • Digg 3 Column by Small Potato
  • Thirteen by Becca Wei