BRGD is a video game production team. We believe the best way to learn is to fail-faster and restart until perfection is achieved. Each of these entries is a journey in video game creation and design. Each represents a conglomeration of teamwork and love that defines the club.

Override (Fall 2021)

Play it here! Theme:Wander space in search of different hosts, take them over, and prolong your life. Their strengths are yours, but your presence also corrodes your host. Override and survive.

YES! (Fall 2021)

Play it here! ( A game about the nuances of social interactions, in a high school setting, but with a twist… You can only say variations of “yes”. 

BRGD Y2K (Spring 2021)

Play it here! ( Step back to the internet and CD-ROMs of the early aughts with this nostalgic collection of mini-games, created by BRGD during the Spring 2021 semester! CURSE.or – Save your computer from the malware before it’s too late! Encircle viruses with your cursor tail to increase its length and defeat them. Choose to exchange … Continue reading BRGD Y2K (Spring 2021)

Dream Suite (Fall 2020) Enjoy a dreamy collection of mini-games, created by BRGD during the Fall 2020 semester! Falling Dream – Dodge floating objects as you fall through an endless dream! Sheep Toss – Dance to the beat with your sheep to power up and toss him! Poof the Floof – Poof the sheep impostors in this 2D rapid-fire clicking game! Credits Falling … Continue reading Dream Suite (Fall 2020)

Turnin’ Tail (Spring 2020)

Help your pet store manager collect her escaped animals! Play Turnin’ Tail by clicking here. Find all the animals by rotating the world; be careful, your manager’s memory of the pets may be a little foggy… Turnin’ Tail was made by GISP 0011: Video Game Development in partnership with Brown RISD Game Developers, a student-run club … Continue reading Turnin’ Tail (Spring 2020)

Flavor Knight (Spring 2020)

Brown-RISD Game Developers Spring 2020 Project. Play it for free here! Become the Favored Knight as you explore, solve routes to new areas, collect ingredients, and let it simmer. 

Robin (2019)

Control the gravity of objects around you to uncover the secrets about your past and your powers in this virtual reality game. Throw beds, tables, and even eggs against the ceiling and walls to search for items related to your identity. Made with Unity by a six-person team over the course of the spring semester.

Granny & Squirtsworth (2018)

A puzzle platformer inspired by Korean fish markets. Players control Granny in her quest to obtain high quality fish. She must use the ink of her pet squid Squirtsworth to help navigate an environment of slippery fish tanks.  Team This game was developed in Unity by a team of 13 (initially 18) members of Brown/RISD … Continue reading Granny & Squirtsworth (2018)

After Hours (2018)

You wake up in your office building one night and everyone is gone, desks are empty, and a monster is lurking around the corner. Listen for the monster’s footsteps as you search for your coworkers and attempt to escape the building with your life. Made by a team of around 13 within a four month … Continue reading After Hours (2018)

Writer’s Block (2018)

A puzzle game about wordplay, death, and dentistry made with Brown RISD Game Developers during the Fall of 2018. Play the game online here! Or watch a playthrough by Cryptic Hybrid below:

YoYo Hero (2015)

A young heroine faces the rooftops of the city, using her skills and smarts (along with her lucky yoyo) to reach her prize. In this arcade-style platformer, navigate through levels that each pose new challenges to overcome, using your yoyo to grapple towards hookable objects.  

Lumen (2016)

Explore an ancient, deserted temple and speak to the gods in this puzzle adventure. Comparable to Monument Valley, the character progresses when and only when the environment allows. Guide your follower through the puzzles that await so they can relight and restore your temple. Play Lumen