5ive (2015)

Grief changes shape but never ends.

A mysterious world awaits, taking our heroine through the daunting five stages of acceptance. Possessing a series of abilities, the heroine must solve a series of puzzles to proceed to the next stage. But there are many perils to be faced: dangerous debris, lava, bottom-less pits, and worst cacophonies from the deep recesses of her mind. Some environments slow her and others weaken her and with Grief as an ever looming presence, reality darkens and the world turns bleak…

Mariel Rodriguez
Hanna Cha
Martin Gargaglione
Victoria Joh
Eric Leichtung
Claudia Lim
Hayden Sherman
Veena Vignale
Cheyenne Morrin
William Marcy
James Hwang
Olamma Nzeribe-Williams
Luke Priebe
Jake Shields
Rylee Shumway
Eden Weizman
Jeffrey Lu
Brandon Rothman
Jenny Jiyun Lee
Abraham Peterkin
Music and Sound
Carlo Ladd