Granny & Squirtsworth (2018)

A puzzle platformer inspired by Korean fish markets. Players control Granny in her quest to obtain high quality fish. She must use the ink of her pet squid Squirtsworth to help navigate an environment of slippery fish tanks. 


This game was developed in Unity by a team of 13 (initially 18) members of Brown/RISD Game Developers as well as students of Berklee College of Music. The final team consisted of 3 designers (Dayton Wilson, Rylee Shumway, & Wenley Shen), 4 programmers (Ashley Kim, Fawn Tong, Heidi Erwin, & Leon Lei), 4 artists (Amy Jeong, Grace Bright, Isaiah Gernhardt, & Odino Tso), 1 composer (Gregory Osborne), and 1 sound designer (Sungha Hong).

Play the Game Here!