BRGD is structured as an independent video game studio. The goal is to expose members to the video game development process as a cohesive team. Members may choose a development role during video game creation. Students are free to join any department and may change roles throughout the course of a project.


The visual aesthetics of a video game are inherently essential not only for defining and expressing it to players but also for presenting a unified vision of the game to the production team during development. Video game artists focus on creating the various pre-production and production visual assets for a video game. The breadth of … Continue reading Art


Every video game starts with an idea. Video game designers are responsible for concept origination and creating the holistic vision of the game. Tasks include creating rules of play, level creation and implementation, and user interface design and evaluation. More nuanced roles include designing game content, writing a plot, and blending audiovisual aesthetics into the … Continue reading Design


Behind every video game is computer code composed by software engineers. Video game programmers operate in teams focused on delivering the vision of the designers and transforming ideas into reality. Programmers will learn the ins-and-outs of game engines, different video game paradigms, and principles of generating efficient and well-documented code. BRGD primarily uses Unity and … Continue reading Programming


While video games are inherently visual creations, the accompanying soundscape provides an additional degree of sensory and emotional depth. Voice actors, musicians, and sound engineers are essential to livening a game through creating, recording, and editing background music, character themes, and sound effects. Generating the perfect sound effect often takes creative use of real-world objects … Continue reading Sound


Producers make sure every deliverable is on time and that the project remains in scope. In the early stages of production, producers create a digital whiteboard and develop a collaborative system for the team to share updates on their progress (BRGD typically uses miro or trello with the kanban method). They also work with the … Continue reading Producer