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Incunable from the German Abbey of Ebstorf

Posted by William S. Monroe on March 31, 2010

Annmary Brown 157, a Sammelband that belonged to the German Abbey of Ebstorf, contains two different imprints, one from Louvain, and another from Leipzig.  In addition, the book, in its original binding, has parchment pastedowns that contain parts of a manuscript of Aristotle’s Prior Analytics.  Ebstorf was a monastery for women, most famous for the Ebstorf worldmap which it used to house.  That map was, unfortunately, destroyed in 1943, but some life-size reproductions were made in 1891, one of which hangs in the historical museum in Luneburg.

The front cover.

Front pastedown — Aristotle’s Prior Analytics


Rear pastedown — Aristotle’s Prior Analytics


For more information on the Ebstorfer Weltkarte, see:

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