Top 10 Tips for On-Campus Recruiting Success

The Recruiters are Coming! The Recruiters are Coming! It’s September, which means that Full time and Internship Recruiting is underway on campus. Here are the Top 10 Tips for On-Campus Recruiting Success:

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  1. Let Handshake do a lot of the heavy lifting for you! Fill out your profile! “Favorite” the employers you are targeting, so they will be easy to search and find your Handshake account. Also remember to update your industry interests in your Handshake profile so you can make sure to receive relevant info about the fields you are interested in.
  2. “Register” for events on Handshake. By registering for events, you stay updated on all communications. Plus, CareerLAB shares registration information so recruiters will have your email address and can send you even more information.  
  3. Go to as many events as possible.  90% of success is just showing up! It gives you insight into an organization that you really can’t get in any other way.  Plus, it helps you build your network within that organization.
  4. Leverage BrownConnect. BrownConnect is your one-stop-shop for internships, research opportunities, funding, and connections in the Brown Community.
    Take advantage of this built-in network of Brown alums who want to help students.
  5. Know that industries have “seasons” – it may seem that ALL opportunities happen those first few weeks in the FALL, but it’s not true. Industries like Government, Education, Marketing, Engineering and General Business operate differently and post opportunities when they have them throughout the year.  In fact, a lot of opportunities are posted in Late April/May!
  6. Explore positions within the consortiums Brown participates in (details posted in Handshake). Brown participates in four consortiums: three in NYC: Fall Recruiting Consortium (Oct. 26, 2018; deadline to apply is Sept. 30), NY Recruiting Consortium(Jan. 11, 2018; deadline to apply is in Early Dec.), and the All-Ivy Career Fair (Mar. 1, 2018 in NYC; deadline to apply is TBD) and one in Washington D.C.-ImpactLINK (Feb. 8, 2018; deadline to apply is in early Jan.) Although travel to those cities is required, you may find opportunities there with employers that aren’t planning to come to campus. 
  7. Know why you’re applying for opportunities. More is not always better  – sometimes students throw everything into the job search and are overwhelmed with opportunities. When you get an offer from an employer, make sure that you immediately withdraw from less desired opportunities. Don’t waste time pursuing things you have no intention of taking.
  8. Be wary of outreach by employers that immediately offer you a job. They could be fraudulent.  
  9. Student Policies help you! Our student recruiting policies have been established for two main reasons: 1) To ensure Students have sufficient time to engage in the recruiting process and 2) To prevent students from reneging (accepting an opportunity with one employer while continuing to look for additional opportunities). Read this Student Recruiting Policies tip sheet and adhere to these standards to avoid undesired outcomes.
  10. Use CareerLAB resources to help prep for interviews. We offer lots of guides and subscriptions to resources that Brown pays for you to use! So, use them!!

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