Academic Search: Timeline

Timing your job search can be stressful, since you must rely on others for things like letters of recommendation and transcripts. Below is a rough timeline that can guide your process. Be sure to check with your advisor about the specific requirements in your discipline. Make sure to check your department’s website. Most provide useful information and timelines specific to your discipline.

Spring/Summer Before Graduation Year      

  • Open an Interfolio account to hold your letters of recommendation
  • Inform recommenders that your plan to request letters of recommendation
  • Polish/update your CV
  • Solicit feedback from dissertation director
  • Create teaching portfolio and draft teaching philosophy statement
  • Draft dissertation abstract, research statement, and cover letters
  • Obtain feedback on drafts of application materials
  • Work on dissertation
  • Check job listings regularly
  • Attend CareerLAB Academic Job Search Series


  • Research the specific schools you’ll be applying to
  • Schedule a counseling session at CareerLAB for CV review
  • Polish customized drafts of CV, cover letters, teaching and research statements for each position
  • Prepare writing samples

**Look out for our CareerLAB Academic Job Search Series


  • Have a mock interview at CareerLAB for practice for behavioral questions
  • Prepare and practice the job talk in your department
  • Make campus visits
  • Check for new job ads
  • Attend CareerLAB Academic Job Search Series


  • Make campus visits
  • Search/research and apply to late job openings and post doctoral positions
  • Negotiate any job offers