2019 Panels

The 2019 GradCon will feature eight distinct career categories. Brown Graduate Alumni in these fields are here to answer your questions and share their experience of building their careers.

Each panel will run twice–for a morning and afternoon session–so you have the opportunity to explore two tracks.



Government & Public Service
Speak with alumni working on healthcare policy, government accountability, and global initiatives to end gender violence.

Government & Policy for the Private Sector
Opportunities for students with knowledge of government functioning and the ability to shape policy take place outside of formal national
or international government agencies. Speak to alumni who have transferred these skills to the world of banking, healthcare, and airline

 Non-Tech in Tech
 Major technology industries need people with skills gained in the humanities and social sciences.  Find out how your training could make
you a good fit for a tech company.

K12: Teaching & Policy
Brown alumni are creating policy, organizing pipeline programs, strengthening urban education initiatives, teaching, and working in school
administration in K-12 education. Come and meet them and ask them about their trajectory.

Higher Ed Leadership
Speak with Brown alumni who have gone onto exciting careers in student affairs and academic administration, higher ed public outreach, post-secondary policy making, and  programs to prepare historically under-represented students for success in college.

Science and Tech R&D
Interested in careers in research and development in fields like biotechnology, artificial intelligence, energy, or defense? Come and meet our panelists and learn more about a career in science and technology research.

Business & Consulting
These Brown alumni use their leadership skills and areas of expertise to consult for businesses on topics like social impact, economics, and intellectual property.

Media & Communications
Writing, cultural intelligence, historical archival research, science communication, brand strategy: Talk to a panel of alumni who have made a career communicating.