Welcome to your section’s blog!

Welcome to your section’s blog! In this space you will be posting some of your assignments. You have been made an author in this blog, and to access it you can login using your web ID. This blog platform provides a great space to showcase your work and share it with your peers. It also allows you to comment and discuss on your work and that of your peers. Although this space will be used to submit a subset of assignments, including a final project, feel free to add additional posts of your own. For example you might want to write about something that inspired you about the course material, or provide a link a short commentary on an interesting article about neuroscience you happen to come across and would like to share with the course. Or maybe you were so inspired by the lesson on synapses that you wrote and recorded a song! Or you want to share your latest theory of everything! Or you wrote an ode to the cerebellum! You get the point. Please be respectful in the comments and try to be constructive. Please enjoy the space and make it your own. Your TA’s and I are really looking forward to reading your work and thoughts!


You can always embed images and video to your blog post.

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