Microzine! – Dopamine

Hey Everyone,

So to start off, I would just like to say, I AM NOT AN ARTISTIC PERSON.

I was once called to the front of the class to draw a tree, and it is still remembered, four years later, as the greatest worst tree the world has ever seen. They call it the Dhruv Tree.

So that’s out of the way.

Thank you Dr. Aizenman for this really cool tool to convey information. I had never previously heard of a zine.

I chose dopamine because I had heard a lot about it from YouTube and the media but wanted to delve a little deeper into the chemistry and the effects of dopamine.

I tried to convey the uses and effects of dopamine in the brain. I also tried to incorporate some humor into the zine so that it would be slightly more enjoyable. Where’s my Dope? was my first idea; with that title, I decided I should definitely not try to be serious. However, there are some parts where seriousness was required like with the controversy over dopamine as a treatment for schizophrenia.

I tried to use the computer as much as possible to mask my dearth of artistic ability, but did attempt to not just use black and white.

After gluing all the individual cutouts on to the zine, I drew a couple pictures that corresponded or related to the information being conveyed.

That’s about it!



4 responses to “Microzine! – Dopamine”

  1. Madiha Shafquat says:

    I liked how you used humor in your zine, but didn’t overwhelm it with cheesy puns. You managed to keep it entertaining, without being too elementary or forced 🙂

  2. Swathi Srinivasan says:

    Your ability to incorporate humor into the information is fantastic. I liked that you didn’t force jokes into it, the zine was light and entertaining.

  3. Fabiana Vilsan says:

    I thought your Zine was really funny and informative. You managed to teach us a lot through humor. Also, your Zine was easy to understand and organized!

  4. Brooke Nawrocki says:

    I did my zine on dopamine as well. Nice title! I think you perfectly balanced information with humor.

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