Microzine: Dopamine

I chose to create my zine on dopamine. I had heard of dopamine before, but did not know exactly what its role was in the brain. In biology class a few years ago I had heard that cocaine affected the brain’s levels of dopamine, but that was the extent of my knowledge on the neurotransmitter. Thus, I was eager to learn more about is with this assignment.

With my microzine, I tried to convey the importance of dopamine in a friendly, educational way. I wanted people to understand not only the importance of the neurotransmitter, but also its use in the brain.

As for my creative process, I kind of winged it! I’m not very artistic, so I tried to make up for that by using lots of colors and making the zine look fun. I added a few drawings as visual aids of dopamine as well. I wanted the zine to be informative, but not intimidating, so I really tried to go for a fun, friendly feel.



3 responses to “Microzine: Dopamine”

  1. Aiswarya Nagasubramony says:

    I really enjoyed your zine. It is colorful, neat, and your diagrams are very informative.

  2. Elbert Y. Gong says:

    I enjoyed the zine too. It was easy to read, and you gave me a clear sense of what dopamine does. It’s interesting how a chemical responsible for reward-based motivation can also be related to motor skills.

  3. Tina Voelcker says:

    Your zine looks beautiful! Great art and great science make for a fantastic combo 😉

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