I chose glutamate because it seemed like an interesting neurotransmitter to further research. It is an essential neurotransmitter found in the brain, and I wanted to learn about its use and how it affected neurons when it was released.
Through my zine, I wanted to convey the main points about glutamate’s role in the brain, as it plays a vital role in brain development. Something I learned while researching that I touch upon in my zine is that efforts are being made in the clinical field to find a way to use medication to control glutamate levels as well as glutamate receptors. Through this research, they are looking to improve conditions for people with depression and disorders such as OCD.  Existing drugs are already being experimented with;  I briefly talk about one of them in my zine.
I wanted to highlight the key points in my zine, and I used color to do so. I used some diagrams to help visualize some points, and tried to label thoroughly so that everything aspect was clear.



7 responses to “Microzine-Glutamate”

  1. Madiha Shafquat says:

    I really liked the way you designed your zine. Even though you didn’t have a lot of pictures, your zine was still attractive because of your use of color and your neatness.

  2. Swathi Srinivasan says:

    I quite enjoyed you zine. The colors and neatness made it visually appealing. Content wise, you had more than enough, and it was easy to follow and understand. Great job!

  3. Dhruv Mohnot says:

    I would agree with the two comments above. Really awesome use of colors. Oh, and the fun fact (sort of), really was an awesome, yet subtle, touch!

  4. Carlos Aizenman says:

    Glutamate is one of my favorite neurotransmitters, we do a lot of work on glutamate synapses.

  5. Brianna Margaret Cathey says:

    Your zine is so cool! It contains a lot of useful information. I love your use of colors too. I also researched glutamate and I read about its newfound uses in the treatment of OCD and depression. I agree that it’s an exciting discovery!

  6. Hannah Bukzin says:

    I too did a lot of diagrams. Your zine is really cool and was so interesting to read!

  7. Grace Frost says:

    Definitely an easy read, and clearly set out!

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