I chose to research glutamate because it is currently part of a study on epilepsy in a neuroscience lab I am currently working in. In the making of my flip book I tried to convey the importance of this neurotransmitter in cell communication, as it is present in nearly every cell. I attempted to use a cartoon-like style to present the information I found. I used a lot of different colors in order to make the information more organized and memorable. Also, I wanted to make the information visually appealing and make the reader sort of excited to read it.Cathey.Brianna.Zine

2 responses to “Glutamate”

  1. Elbert Y. Gong says:

    This was great. It was well drawn and nice to look at. Interesting how glutamate is highly toxic. I liked your drawings of the receptors that showed the movement of calcium, potassium, and sodium.

  2. Tina Voelcker says:

    Nice, I also really liked the drawings of the glutamate receptors. About toxicity of glutamate – too much or too little glutamate can be fatal to many neurons, they need to be exposed to glutamate within a specific range of its concentration to be happy (and alive). That’s why we can say it’s toxic, as Brianna said.

    Just want to make sure nobody mixes up this effect with the idea that “we can’t touch glutamate because it’s toxic!”

    this link is a short and straightforward explanation of glutamate toxicity –

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