What neurotransmitter did you choose and why? I chose serotonin because it was 1 of the 2 I had heard of. (Dopamine seemed like a very popular pick so I went the road less traveled) .

What message did you try to convey? I tried to show the non-“trippy” side of serotonin. A lot of the time it is associated with LSD and psychedelic drugs so I attempted to stay away from that.

Describe a little bit about your creative process too, why you designed it like you did, what look were you going for, etc. Contrary to my last answer, I used a psychadelic theme with a lot of different colors.

2 responses to “Serotonin”

  1. Carlos Aizenman says:

    You didn’t link the file!

  2. Brianna Margaret Cathey says:

    That’s good you decided not to go mainstream wit your design. I look forward to learning all about serotonin from your flip book. I am interested in its roles in the nervous system other than the role it plays in illegal drug use.

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