The Presumable Brain of My Own Creation

For this assignment I chose to create my own creature, which I have yet to name but I am open to suggestions. My creature is a mix of a shark and a dolphin, however it also has some completely fictional qualities. However, the majority of the brain is very reminiscent of a dolphin’s brain.

To begin with, as seen in both the drawing of the creature and the drawing of the brain, he has an astounding sense of smell because he has three olfactory bulbs which are very highly developed. The shark has very developed olfactory bulbs because it relies primarily on its sense of smell, so I wanted to encompass this realistic feature and then exaggerate it with my character.

Furthermore, as can be seen in the diagram of the brain, the creature has a very large cerebral cortex. This is because the creature is very intelligent. I envision him being very lonely with plenty of time to ponder the deeper meanings in life. Since the cerebral cortex plays a central role in perceptual awareness, consciousness, thought and language, I wanted the cerebrum to be the most developed part of his brain. Even more so than the human brain! His forebrain is much more developed than his hindbrain. The forebrain is associated with intellectual functions such as speech and abstract thought, while the hindbrain is responsible for controlling autonomic functions such as respiration and heartbeat. My creature is very philosophical and suffers from severe breathing problems.

Lastly, I wanted his spinal cord to be very crooked because of the way he hunches, unlike the shark or dolphin spinal cord, which extend more or less straight back. imagebrown

4 responses to “The Presumable Brain of My Own Creation”

  1. Carlos Aizenman says:

    I would suggest “Sholphin”. I like the three olfactory bulbs, one for each nostril?

  2. Elbert Y. Gong says:

    I also like the olfactory bulbs and the way they seem to be connected by thin strands. If you took out the olfactory bulbs, I think it would resemble a human brain more than a shark brain. The cerebrum and orientation of the spinal cord certainly reminds one of a human brain.

  3. Madiha Shafquat says:

    I really like how you’ve chosen to include to not just have large olfactory bulbs, but an extra one as well! Would this mean it has three nostrils as well?

  4. Swathi Srinivasan says:

    What about “Doark”? As mentioned in the previous comments, do the three olfactory bulbs mean three nostrils?

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