An Look Inside the Brain of The Cookie Monster



Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.55.41 PMCompared to the brain of a human:

1. the section for higher level thinking (frontal cortex) is smaller – cookie monster is very simple minded and only sees one side to every story. There is nothing beyond what he can see in mind.

2.  the olfactory area is larger because his well-being greatly depends on a constant supply of cookies,which requires an acute sense of smell for them so he can find many kinds from various distances.

3. the visual area is about the same size – cookie monster must be able to distinguish cookies from other round and circular objects. This part of his brain is always at work.cookiemonster

4. the section for comprehension of written and spoken language is quite a bit smaller; “C is for cookie that’s good enough for me…”

5. the sensory area that receives signals from the muscles and skin is bigger. Cookie monster is always on the move and is very jittery and spastic.

6. the area of emotions is extremely large. Cookie monster really soaks up the energy of his environment and has a lot to express at any given moment. All his actions are driven by his mood and his hunger for cookies.

7. the area for muscles of speech is small because cookie monster is not articulate

8. the area for eye movement is a little bit bigger because his eyes can rotate almost 360 degress and they are always jiggling about.

9. the area for somatosensory association is a lot smaller because cookie monster cannot properly evaluate the objects around him often.


2 responses to “An Look Inside the Brain of The Cookie Monster”

  1. Aiswarya Nagasubramony says:

    It’s very interesting that you chose to design the brain of the cookie monster. Its a very detailed portrayal and I enjoyed reading your breakdown of it.

  2. Aliya Saffran says:

    I really like this! The diagram is very detailed and it’s interesting to see exactly how all the parts of his brain work together to form his personality and his physical characteristics as well.

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