The Brain of Sully from Monsters Inc.


As Sully is a monster that isn’t necessarily closely related to any animal, I have assumed that his brain will have the basic structure of the brain of a human.

His brain stem will be very flexible to allow him to stand upright and on all fours while scaring.

The main differences would be seen in the olfactory bulbs and the optic nerve. The olfactory bulbs will be much larger than what you would find in the average human brain, due to the fact that he is a monster and would need to have a heightened sense of smell to avoid parents and to be sure he is about to scare the right child (no one over the age of 12 or under the age of 2).  Most characteristics of being able to “see in the dark” are found within the eyes themselves, such as the tapetum lucidum. This being said, I have drawn the optic nerve to be larger than normal as well, so that more information could travel through and be processed faster. This would help with avoiding humans that he doesn’t need to come in contact with, as well.

All of the other structures of the brain would be that of a human, as he behaves like a human. In the movie they drive cars, have many languages, have social and romantic relationships, and attend school.


2 responses to “The Brain of Sully from Monsters Inc.”

  1. Aiswarya Nagasubramony says:

    I like your drawing of the brain; it is very organized and clear. It is very cool that you chose to do a monster, and I find your description very detailed and well thought out.

  2. Brooke Nawrocki says:

    Nice drawing! It really gives a clear idea of what Sully’s brain would look like and I like that you included a visual aid.

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