The Brain Structure of a House Elf

For this assignment, I have chosen to describe the brain of a house elf according to its characteristics. An elf is a creature that has been interpreted in many different ways in stories, so I have decided to focus on the type of house elf that appears in the Harry Potter Series.

A house elf is said to be a very loyal creature; they are unconditionally obedient to their masters and do not leave their masters’ side unless they are presented with an article of clothing. This characteristic leads me to believe that a house elf’s cerebral cortex would be very large, a dominant structure in its brain. This creature is not a human, so its brain would not be as large or as developed as a human’s. However, the cerebral cortex would be relatively big in its brain , because the house elf is able to display such a high level of emotion, not unlike a human’s. The fact that the house elf is able to do its own magic adds to its need for a bigger cerebral cortex.

Within its cerebral cortex, I would think that the parietal lobe would be a bit different from a human’s, because the house elf is able to withstand much more pain. Pain travels through the thalamus to the parietal lobe in the cerebral cortex. When the house elf punishes itself through self-infliction, the pain receptors send signals to the cerebral cortex. Due to the elf being able to absorb so much pain and still function normally, I believe that a difference in structure is bound to be present.

The house elf is used as a servant to get work done, clearly proving its mobility. Furthermore, a house elf is able to apparate, or instantaneously travel from one location to another. These actions show the obviously developed cerebellum, as the house elf is able to carry out complex movements.

The olfactory bulbs in the brain of the house elf would not be more prominent than a human’s is in the brain, as it does not require a particularly stronger than normal sense of smell to carry out its daily activities.

3 responses to “The Brain Structure of a House Elf”

  1. Swathi Srinivasan says:

    I think it’s quite intriguing you chose to describe the brains of the house elves found in Harry Potter. By observing the characteristics, I think you were able to come up with an accurate idea of what the brain may look like.

  2. Aliya Saffran says:

    I also think this is really interesting. You clearly put a lot of thought into this, and like Swathi said, I think this is a very accurate interpretation of a house elf’s brain.

  3. Brooke Nawrocki says:

    I really like this post. It’s very well thought out and you took the time to fully analyze the characteristics of a house elf before jumping right into describing its brain structure. The part about the parietal lobe is very intriguing.

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