The Brain of Zazu from “The Lion King”



For this assignment, I chose Zazu, from the movie and musical “The Lion King”. Zazu is a Red-billed hornbill, a type of bird. The basic structure of his brain would be similar to those of other birds with a few differences.

I would think that Zazu’s encephalization quotient would be higher than the EQ of other birds, because his intelligence and level of brain function are much higher than other birds.

Most of the differences in Zazu’s brain would be found in the cerebrum. His cerebrum would be larger than the cerebrum of other birds. More specifically, the frontal and temporal lobes would be bigger. The frontal lobe control emotions, and since Zazu is able to process and display emotions, his frontal lobe would be large. Zazu is also competent with reasoning and problem solving, both of which the frontal lobe controls. The temporal lobe controls speech, and Zazu is a talking bird, so his temporal lobe would be larger than the temporal lobe of other birds. Zazu’s amygdala, in the temporal lobe, would also be more developed because it controls feelings of fear, and Zazu is often nervous and panics easily.

The cerebellum would also be more advanced than other birds, as it controls movement and he is able to move his wings in ways that normal birds can’t, such as crossing his arms.


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