Stepping Feet

Stepping Feet illusion:

  • Describe your optical illusion, what do we see/not see?
  •                  This illusion is to colored blocks traveling across a black and white striped back ground. By looking directly at on of the blocks you can see that it is moving non-stop across the background. But if you do not focus on the blocks but rather look somewhere on the background, you will see the blocks stopping and starting again at each black stripe.
  • Describe the neural bases of how your illusion works.
  •                 When there is a background with contrasted edges (black and white) our perception of the speed/ motion of an object over top of it is changed. But if we focus on the object instead of the back ground we see the constant motion.
  • What does your optical illusion tell us about the visual system?
  •                 This optical illusion tells us that our visual system is probably confused about what we are seeing. Our visual system is confused because the leading and trailing edges of the colored block are in two different backgrounds. So we cannot correctly perceive its speed.

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  1. Carlos Aizenman says:

    Hi William, your illusion is not visible in the post!

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