Voodoo Brain

The Voodoo Brain:


Imagine having a doctor watch how your brain works. Not from an MRI, or a brain imaging device. But real time, live feed back of how your brain and neurons are working in a real life setting. My new neuro- technology is a 3D printed brain that shows the synaptic connections being made in your brain. Nowadays, 3D printers can create something in wood, or plastic. But imagine a squishy brain that sat in a tub with wires connected to it. The wires are connected to a computer and show live images of the connections being made. Different colors on the custom made computer program show how strong or how quickly the connections are being made. The voodoo brain would be a new type of imaging system that measures the brain in real time. I believe that this invention will not be able to be used for at least 25 years. There are many different massive advancements that would have to be made before the Voodoo Brain could be put into works. How could this technology be useful? There are so many different functions this technology could serve. Because the program will show real time data, patients with diseases or mental health problems could perform cognitive tests that could reveal what the problem is, where the problem is, and if there is a problem at all. This technology could also be used to read minds! If enough connections are mapped to show when a certain pattern occurs, when a person is thinking a certain thing, we could read their mind. This could lead to a fool proof way to perform lie detector tests, or spy on enemies. This could also create an entirely new type of doctor. Doctors who read and analyze the voodoo brain would have to be trained extensively in how to read and document what they see. The computer program: Would probably look like any 3D computer image of the brain, except with live synaptic connections. The program would create graphs that recorded every connection made in certain regions of the brain, and how strong, or quickly the connection was made. The program could also record the inverse: which parts of the brain aren’t making connections. Whether it is during sleep, or exercise, or while taking a math test.


Diagram A: This shows where the 3D brain could be held, and the wires hooked up to it


Diagram B: This shows the computer program used to show different synaptic connections happening. The box in the top right corner shows where data and graphs can be shown. The box in the bottom right corner shows a specific data table that is highlighting a region of the brain

Don’t ask me why the picture is mirrored, I have no idea!


2 responses to “Voodoo Brain”

  1. Elbert Y. Gong says:

    This voodoo brain is very creative! It has potential to be very useful, if we figure out a way to process the large amounts of data involved.

  2. Carlos Aizenman says:

    Why even have a physical version, why not make it all virtual?

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