Final Project: Neurogenetics

My final project is an online poster with a brief introduction into neurogenetics. Here’s the link:

I chose neurogenetics because I’ve always had a particularly keen interest in genetics. Over the course, I’ve seen how closely linked genetics and neuroscience is, particularly regarding neurological disorders, and I wanted to explore that a little more. The final product is perhaps not as in depth as I was hoping to go, but I think it still highlights the most important aspects of what neurogenetics is really about.

My project is aimed towards high schoolers with minimal background in either genetics or neuroscience. I was originally planning on doing more of an infographic, but I wanted to include explanations that were more…well, explanatory. That’s how I ended up with a poster of sorts. It combines the high level of interest that accompanies the bold graphics and colors of an infographic, but still doesn’t compromise on content.

I hope you guys like it!


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5 responses to “Final Project: Neurogenetics”

  1. Brooke Nawrocki says:

    I really loved the medium you chose. It was clean, entertaining, and eye-catching. You did a really great job of keeping the information simple so it will relate to a wider audience.

  2. Carlos Aizenman says:

    That’s a great poster! Very informative and accessible, and I like how you tied a specific example at the end. I also really liked the platform you chose to build the poster in.

  3. Brianna Margaret Cathey says:

    Your poster is awesome! I chose the same medium. You did a great job with the layout and the information is very well organized. Also, I like the bit on Huntington’s disease, that has always interested me.

  4. Swathi Srinivasan says:

    Your poster looks fantastic! There’s enough information and its easy to follow. Great job, it’s so colorful!

  5. Aliya Saffran says:

    Your poster is really cool! I like the layout and the colors and the pictures that you included. The information was interesting and the poster made the information easy to follow.

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