Final Project- Time Perception

Hi everyone! I chose to talk about time perception in the brain for my final project. Time perception is something I have been very interested in for a few years and it immediately struck me that that’s what I should do my project on. I chose to make a video describing different aspects of time perception. Though I’m still not the world’s greatest public speaker, I thought that making a video would be slightly more entertaining than writing a paper. In the video I talk about the speed of different sensory signals, duration distortions, how health issues affect time perception, and I even list off some interesting facts at the end.

I was hoping to embed the video directly into this post, but the video wayyy exceeds the MB limit, so I will provide you with a direct link to the video on Vimeo here.

My sources:

“Brain Time” By David Eagleman (

“Does Time Exist” (

“Do Humans Have a Biological Stopwatch?” by Dan Falk (


3 responses to “Final Project- Time Perception”

  1. Grace Frost says:

    Great choice of medium for this project! I found the section on duration distortion and the oddball effect particularly interesting.

  2. Carlos Aizenman says:

    That was great! I liked the fun facts too. Some work in my lab is actually looking at how the neural circuits responsible for temporal binding develop and how experience during early development shapes this process.

  3. Hannah Bukzin says:

    Loved the choice of a video for your medium. A lot of great information and the topic is certainly very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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