‘Chin Up: Fear and Sadness Will Not Last Forever’

Sorry this is a bit late, I had trouble uploading all the pictures.

Anyway, this is my children’s book on anxiety and depression. I hope the colorful pictures and easy to follow storyline inspires all of you to grasp tomorrow and take the chance to do things that make you happy. From personal experience, anxiety once seemed like an actual person, I let it take everything over. But now, I understand that fear is only as big as you think it is.

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Final Project: Sources

Basic/Background Information:


Physical and Mental Effects of Anxiety and Depression:

Treatment/Therapy Options:

How Family and Friends Can Help:




3 responses to “‘Chin Up: Fear and Sadness Will Not Last Forever’”

  1. Aliya Saffran says:

    I really, really like this! It was really informative while telling a story, which made it really interesting and it definitely kept my attention. I’ve had issues with anxiety too, and it was great to see something like this. Great job!

  2. Aiswarya Nagasubramony says:

    This looks so great. It looks like you put a lot of thought into this, and that shows by the quality of the book. You addressed a very significant topic in a great way, which is why this project works so well in conveying its message.

  3. Carlos Aizenman says:

    This is great! I love how you convey so much information in your story, and how it is so effective. Excellent job!

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