Final Project: Emotions


In this final project, I did a research about emotions, specifically about fears. I was quite interested in fear response, the causes of fear and the exact factors that lead a person to detect the emotion of fear. I wanted all audience to be able to read and understand my presentation, so I tried to limit the use of complicated words that many might possibly would not understand.

I decided to make a powerpoint since I wanted my presentation to be informative. This will allow the others to go through the slides at their own pace, without having to rush themselves. Hope you guys enjoy!

4 responses to “Final Project: Emotions”

  1. Ava Lakmazaheri says:

    Neat presentation! I am curious about these fear removal methods you mentioned. I know that Urbach-Wiethe disease is typically not life-threatening, but I am not sure what other effects the Toxoplasma gondii parasite had in mice. Do you think anyone will/has attempted to remove or diminish certain, perhaps irrational fears, in humans? Also, are said phobias innate or acquired or could they be both?

  2. Alexie Diakite says:

    Really enjoyed your presentation. I had some background knowledge on this topic, but your presentation went into enough depth for me to really understand how animals process fear. I thought it was really interesting, and powerpoint was the perfect medium.

  3. Carlos Aizenman says:

    I think the toxoplasma experiments are super interesting, it’s amazing how something like that evolves!

  4. Laura Kloepper says:

    I find it fascinating that someone can lose their fear response. I bet there’s some companies/organizations that would be interested in that!

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