Final Project: The Effects of Screen Time on the Brain

saachi gopal final project

My final project analyzed the effects that excessive screen time can have on the brain overtime. As technology evolves, we become increasingly dependent on the variety of electronics within our reach. However, my project conveys the idea that we must not rely on these gadgets as they can seriously damage the structure and functioning of our brain. I chose to use a powerpoint for my project as it was a reliable medium to display the research I gathered regarding the topic. I hope that my project not only educates, but provides a different outlook on our dependence on screens.

4 responses to “Final Project: The Effects of Screen Time on the Brain”

  1. Ayler Hayes says:

    This is very interesting information to think about in our age of technology use and over stimulation. I got sufficient information from the presentation, but you could’ve gone into depth a little bit more.

  2. Gabrielle K. Schwab says:

    That was an interesting project! I am going to watch less TV now! I just have one question.. How much TV is “excessive”?

  3. Saachi Gopal says:

    Excessive amount of screen time is anything over two hours

  4. Laura Kloepper says:

    It would have been helpful to include that definition of excessive screen time in your presentation. This is very interesting, and I wish more parents could have access to this! Whenever I see parents using TV or ipads to keep their kids occupied for long periods of time I want to go educate them on the harm they’re doing!

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