Final Project

Throughout this course I found learning about the brain and how it functions to be very interesting. However, I wanted to learn more about what happens in the brain when it doesn’t function properly. For this reason, I chose to research four major and common neurological disorders in depth. I researched everything there was to know about these disorders from what they are to how they are diagnosed to their incidence in the United States. In my project, I am hoping to share all the knowledge I now have about these four neurological disorders with the public in a easy, straightforward way. I hope everyone learns something from my zines!

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           CP-Topic Overview 


            CP-What Happens

            CP-Exams and Tests

            CP-Treatment Overview

            OCD-Topic Overview



            OCD-Exams and Tests

            P-Overview and Facts

            P-Symptoms and Types

            P-Diagnosis and Tests

            P-Treatment and Care



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  1. Laura Kloepper says:

    Great! I like how you structured your zines to have the same organization, and I like your use of color. I also like how you chose a variety of neurological disorders to cover.

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