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Interesting Talk on North Korea

Choices recorded this talk to teachers by Jonathan Pollack, a leading expert on North Korea. The talk was in 2009, but most all is extremely relevant given the events there right now.

The talk has six parts, each fairly short, but packed with interesting information.

A History of North Korea
The Two Koreas
A Nuclear Timeline
Concerns About North Korea’s Nuclear Program
Where Do We Go from Here? 


We also have a some additional resource suggestions here and a short curriculum with a roleplay, Conflict on the Korean Peninsula: North Korea and the Nuclear Threat.

Teaching About North Korea and Nuclear Weapons

North Korea’s recent nuclear test is a reminder of the serious challenges facing the United States and other countries in the region. The video shows high school students doing the role-play simulation from Conflict on the Korean Peninsula: North Korea and the Nuclear Threat. Although the video was made before the February 13, 2013 test, it illustrates how well a role-play simulation engages students with a complex topic.

In addition, in the coming weeks Choices is preparing to release a revised edition of The Challenge of Nuclear Weapons. The edition will help students consider President Obama’s  goal of a world without nuclear weapons.

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