Facebook: Safe, Not Sorry

Shield with text "Facebook Security" written beneath itIf you haven’t succumbed to the recently reported phenomenon of “Facebook fatigue” and closed your account, then you will need to continue your vigilance and maintain a certain awareness – and wariness – when using the social network site.

The three most important things to remember when using Facebook:

  1. Control who can read your information — especially websites and apps — with your account’s Privacy Settings.
  2. Be wary of installing apps, as they require access to your information or contain malware.  Learn about applications settings and how to manage them.  Apps can also contain or direct you to malware.  Keep up with the latest on Facebook’s StopBadware page.
  3. If your account appears to have been taken over and used to send spam, reset your password immediately. Review these steps for more recommendations from Facebook.

Ready for a quiz?

Image of message received when successfully completing quick saying "I earned a badge by testing my knowledge with the Stop. Think. Connect Security Quiz."

How secure do you think you are? Rate yourself by taking Facebook’s short Security Quiz and see if you can earn a badge for your page.


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