Sniffing Out PII with Identity Finder

Identity Finder logoNot sure if your computer might be harboring personally identifiable information (PII), whether others or your own, but don’t know how to find and protect it? There will soon be an easy way to hunt it down and clean it up: Identity Finder.

This fall ISG will make Identity Finder available to the Brown community, placing the tool directly into your hands. This will allow you control over your searches. It will also give you the peace of mind knowing exactly what PII is (or isn’t) available to you, and the ability to immediately secure it.

Display of sensitive data found after a searchTo use it, simply install the software on your computer (it will be available for download from the Software distribution site), set your search criteria, then run it. Identity Finder will display all matches on  the selected identity types and their location.

You can then save the results for export, secure data you wish to save, and scrub only specified information (such as social security numbers), leaving the rest of the file intact.

At a time when there is a growing volume of confidential data available to most employees, some who do not need it and/or should not have it, and new regulations, Identity Finder will make it easy to stay complaint while solving the root cause of data breaches and protecting your most critical information from physical theft, hacking, viruses, and other malware.  For a sneak peek, you can download a free trial version.

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