IT Profile: Adam Glick

Adam GlickAdam Glick recently joined CIS as an IT Security engineer and a member of the Network Technology Group (NTG). He began working at Brown in the fall of 2011 after receiving his bachelor’s and MBA degrees from Providence College. While pursuing his degrees at PC, he worked in their Information Security Office, where he managed their malware and botnet security system and packet-shaper, and was a team member on projects that included roll-out of Identity Finder and Microsoft Forefront.

As an IT Security Engineer here at Brown, Adam will be responsible for managing firewall change requests, working closely with Bob Fletcher.

Q. What’s your background?  Were you always interested in computing?
I have always been interested in computing, for as long as I can remember at least, but I did not take it for more than a hobby until I began my undergraduate career at Providence College.  I initially started working at the HelpDesk – answering phones and performing basic troubleshooting.  I then began working as a field technician and by my senior year I was working hand-in-hand with the Information Security Officer for the college and a few of the network engineers.  When I graduated with my BA in Education/Special Education, I came on board as an Information Security Analyst while working on my MBA.

Q. What have you been involved in since your arrival?  What’s on the horizon?
For the most part, I have been involved in the day-to-day operations managing the firewalls on campus.  This ranges from creating and adjusting policies to auditing and providing support for all system changes involving the firewall. In the future, I’d like to become more involved with other security appliances and responsibilities such as intrusion detection and intrusion prevention.

Q. What do you like most about your job?
I work with a great group of people and Brown is a very challenging and rewarding place to work. I enjoy the freedom I have that allows me to be autonomous and get my work done. I also enjoy the ability to work with other IT professionals in varying roles.

Q. What’s your favorite mobile device and activity to use it for?
Hands down – Android. As of late, I have been playing “Where’s My Water?” It’s a fun and challenging game from Disney in which you need to create paths for water to travel to an alligator. A most complex and thrilling tale! On a serious note, mostly it’s e-mail, web browsing, and texting, though. I’m lost without it.

Q: What do you do to relax?
To relax I enjoy sports, video games, cars, music, and the outdoors.  There is nothing quite like a nice 20 mile cycling trip after work, except in New England in January – I will settle for a stationary bike for the winter months.

Q. Returning to the subject of information security one more time, what would be the most important piece of advice that you’d like to share with our readers?
“Don’t click that link!” Seriously, do not click on anything you are unsure about.  As IT Security professionals, there is only so much we can do to protect our users. Use us as a resource for anything. I know myself and the rest of the staff here in CIS are always willing to give some advice, especially if it involves being safe and secure.

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