Identity Finder & Symantec Endpoint Encryption Reminder

If you are new to Brown or missed ISG’s announcements earlier this year, CIS offers two security-related products you should investigate and see if either is right for you.

Identity Finder (IDF) software lets you scan your computer to see what personally identifiable information (PII) may be stored on it and take appropriate measures to either secure or remove it.

The enterprise version of IDF is available to all active faculty and staff, who can download and install the full enterprise version of IDF from CIS’s software download pages (Windows | Mac versions) onto their Brown computers. Anyone (students and home users) can install a free version available on the Identity Finder website on their personal computers to perform basic search and remediation. More robust personal versions are also available from IDF’s site.

Padlock and chain across a keyboard

Symantec Endpoint Encryption is a full disk encryption solution targeted toward faculty and staff who use laptops containing Brown Restricted Information, especially those who are frequent travelers. ISG has prepared an FAQ that covers the basic points of installation and use.

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