Pardon Me, But Your Life Is Showing

Magnifying glass held over a globe indicating a searchWant to know what personal information is online and easily available to others? A site like Spokeo — a people search engine that aggregates white-pages listings and public records — makes it possible to view details about yourself beyond age, address and phone number.  Its searches can turn up house photos, address history, religion, political affiliations, financial status, tax records, social network details and much more. The good news is, you can opt out of it.

There are also apps that can help protect your privacy on the web, such as PrivacyFix (use to check your privacy settings for Google, Facebook and other websites). Here are a few more suggestions from ISG that you may want to try.

Finally, we also recommend that you become acquainted with The Privacy Professor, Rebecca Herold, who offers a free monthly privacy awareness tips via email. You can also catch her on Twitter (@PrivacyProf) and follow her blog.

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