The Community Dialogue Project

The Community Dialogue Project (CDP) launched in Fall of 2018 with the goal of addressing the challenges that can arise while living in community together.

Humans are social beings and community is the driving force in how we see and navigate the world; find a sense of belonging; address issues that matter to us; sustain ourselves and each other during trying times; and celebrate in triumphant ones. Yet we are not often taught how to be in community.

College presents a unique moment of opportunity to learn and practice intentional community building. However, when students arrive on campus, many lack experience engaging with peers who hold identities and experiences different from their own, which deters them from engaging in difficult conversations and forming new connections.

CDP’s mission is to: 

Help students foster intentional community and navigate conflict in their everyday lives through facilitated dialogue, critical reflection, and educational programming. Cultivate student capacity to heal, process and learn through storytelling, dialogue and transformative processes.

In the pursuit of our mission, we are developing and implementing: immersive intensive education programs; lighter touch educational and skill building programming; and facilitated processes for addressing conflict and/or harm.

In Spring of 2019, CDP became a part of founding coalition of The Institute for Transformative Practice (ITP). ITP is comprised of seven student focused centers and programs committed to creating sustainable futures and restoring and transforming community for the betterment of all.