There are two ways to participate in the Unconference as a facilitator or presenter.

  • Unconference session proposals: facilitators should propose a discussion topic
  • Pecha Kucha: give a 4-minute slide presentation on a project that is built on (or is being built on) Curatescape.

Unconference sessions are meant to be loose, free-flowing discussions, while the Pecha Kucha will be a chance for participants to present work to an audience.  More information follows, along with links to submit each type of proposal/form.

Unconference Session Proposals

There are two ways to propose an Unconference session: online through October 10 or in person, the morning of the Unconference on October 12. Proposing online is ideal for two reasons. It gives you more room to describe the questions, approaches or projects that you would like to facilitate and it gives other participants a sense of the different sessions that might take place on October 12.

To propose a session online, just go to our registration page and register to attend; then submit your session proposal here.  It will be added to the Session Proposals page on the website within a few days and will automatically be included as a Session Proposal when all participants vote on sessions on the morning of October 12.

How are sessions chosen?
All participants will vote on the morning of October 12 for the sessions they want to see. We will tape all of the session proposals in a grid on a wall and all participants will cast votes for their top choices; votes will be quickly tabulated and an Unschedule put together and disseminated listing all sessions and their locations.  It is rare for a proposal to be nixed completely; what usually happens is that similar session topics are combined.

What kinds of sessions can be proposed?
All kinds, including general discussion sessions, project-based discussion/prototyping sessions, technology/skills workshop sessions or miscellaneous experimental sessions which may even take place outside of the building, such as walks and tours.

Can I propose a session on-site on October 12?
Absolutely, but just make sure you arrive at the beginning of Registration to ensure that you have enough time to register, write up your proposal on a sheet of paper and give it to us to tape up to the wall before participant voting starts. We will take more write-in proposals for the afternoon session during lunch.

Will I be able to present material on a laptop if my Unconference session is chosen?
No prepared slides. If you would like to bring handouts for a session, you can bring paper handouts that can be given out if your session is chosen.  If you would like to do a short slide present of a project you’ve been worked on that uses Curatescape, the Pecha Kuch session is the place for that (see submission information below).

Propose an Unconference session here.

Pecha Kucha Submission Forms

One afternoon session will be devoted to participants’ 4-minute prepared slide presentations of Curatescape projects.  If you would like to present at the Pecha Kucha session, please submit your information by September 25, 2018.

Submit a Pecha Kucha participation form here.

Questions? Contact Marisa Angell Brown at [email protected] / 401-863-6277.